More Trees for Bella Vista chester

By Carla Puppin

Good news! The Bel Arbor Tree Tenders and Queen Village Tree Tenders joint application to participate in the state program, TreeVitalize, was accepted in April. TreeVitalize is a public/private partnership spearheaded by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) to restore tree cover in Southeastern Pennsylvania. In Philadelphia, several Tree Tender groups throughout the city were chosen to participate in the program. Each group will receive 150 trees (with a required minimum of 50 trees at each planting time) over a three-season planting cycle.

For information on getting a street tree through the Fairmount Park Commission, go to Fairmount Park’s web site

January, 2009 crew in action

What does it mean specifically for our community? More trees, but with some work ! Here are the outlines of the grant and its requirements. The trees are free (themselves a $300 value), but the costs of cutting tree pits and planting the trees (a contractor charges approximately $250-$275 per tree for concrete cut, disposal, and planting) are the community’s responsibility. A community must take a minimum of 50 trees at a time to plant and the plantings must be concentrated in compact areas.

For the first round of plantings in the fall of 2004, Bel Arbor Tree Tenders have chosen to focus on Christian Street, our primary east-west street. We are coordinating with Queen Village Tree Tenders to green the blocks barren of trees from Front To 11th Street. The second round of plantings will take place next spring.

Are you interested in getting trees for your block? Read on to decide whether your block can qualify to participate. Because the grant requirements dictate that trees must be planted in clusters, we are looking for blocks where a minimum of 5 property owners are requesting trees. We need one owner on the block to serve as the coordinator in working with Bel Arbor Tree Tenders to get permission forms signed and to help with the plantings.
And since money doesn’t grow on trees, we will be asking those who request trees through this project for contributions to offset the costs of cutting concrete, digging pits, and planting the trees.
Please note that we cannot request specific tree species. We can only request a specific tree size—small, medium, or large, to suit the locations. If you are interested in organizing your block, call or email Carla Puppin soon. The deadline for submitting request forms for the spring planting is November 30. 215 339-0248 or email me.

And consider getting involved with Bel Arbor Tree Tenders! Contact above for more info.

For information about the Fairmount Park tree program, click here.


New trees

Several new trees in front of the Christopher Columbus
Charter School on the 900 block of Christian St.