2008 end of the year notes

REMINDER: As you clear out your plots, please DO NOT PUT ENTIRE PLANTS on either compost pile--cut them up--hand pruners are in the shed, hanging on front panels, bigger clippers are in right corner. NO vines in the compost. Sunflower stalks (cut up) go on west pile.

We'll need an end of season putting away of hoses, stacking wood chairs in shed--date to be announced.

Want to build up soil in your plot? There is plenty at the west end--- If I am not mistaken, take soil from the far end of the pile (farthest from the shed)--it will have bits of the weed barrier cloth in it--this is good stuff--all broken down wood chips.
You can also add this soil to common areas to improve them--berm, flower beds. Fall is a great time to do this. Stanley and Elizabeth have just done this to the raspberry line.

Thanks to everyone who was able to come out to the cleanup in October. Most baby redbuds are now history, thanks to Fred, and thanks to the efforts of Dani, Julie and ???? the big pile next to shed was significantly reduced--underneath a surface pile of debris were 3 or so feet of the gardener's dream--black gold.

Lastly, compost bins at front. Sorry for delay--I think best system to use for now is one new bin similar to what we had and one tumbling composter. We have so many folks using the compost bins (which is good) but that has led to an overload and, in turn a gloppy compost. We will need to devise a system for next year in which everyone who composts takes a turn at maintenance. WE CAN GET A FREE COMPOST BIN THROUGH PHILADELPHIA GREEN--but in order to get it, we need a couple of volunteers to attend a workshop that will be held in the spring. Please let me know if you are willing to attend. I will be ordering the tumbling composter in next few weeks.


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