Bel Arbor Bees

Beekeper Chad Carnahan set up a hive in the Bel Arbor garden in the spring of 2012. Follow the fortunes of the Bel Arbor bees...


Busy as...........





All hail the Queen! (See red arrow)



Hot stuff! Comin' through!



Snack time






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Season 1, 2012

Setting up the hive


Part 2, moving the bees in


Part 3: First inspection

May, 2013

Beekeeper Chad suspects the hive is queenless, despite the hive having survived a long, hard winter. The suspect is a "Laying worker" — that is, a worker bee that has taken over the queen's role, but can only produce drones (males), in which case the hive may be doomed!

June, 2013

Checking for the queen - is there one?


September, 2013

Summertime and the livin' is breezy at the Bel Arbor hive. Some bees help with the air conditioning by sticking their butts in the air and fanning the hive entrance with their wings, and when the temperature gets high, some bees evacuate the hive to cool themselves, and keep the hive interior cooler. The bees just chill out on the front porch, not doing anything in particular, or some choose to pile on top of, and hang from one another for whatever reasons.

October, 2013

Chad opens up the hive to check on the bees' preparations for the coming winter.

May, 2014

A brutal winter has killed offt the hive, and beekeeper Chad Carnahan sweeps out the dead bees and installs a new colony in the hive. (Without smoke or gloves!)